Thursday, February 16, 2006

9/11 A Pre-Emptive Strike against Cartoonists?

Was 9/11 actually just a pre-emptive strike against cartoonists? Would someone please explain the exact level of incremental offense caused by these cartoons, over our current level of offensiveness to Middle East Muslims arising from, say, our gay-marriage Sex in the City Rap Video 24 hour Porn Channel society? Those who see the cartoons as intrinsically significant provocations have lost the thread. Were it not the cartoons, it would have been something else.

Personally I am against anything that shows disrespect to another man's religion. Our own media have much to answer for in their hypocrisy in the cartoon issue, because they have relentlessly attacked MY religion without caring about offending anyone. Of course, I don't burn things down, and some Muslims do, so the consequences of offending me are lower. Now THAT's acting on principle...

But one of the reasons we want to project what remains of our military power overseas is to protect that which our society has agreed is acceptable. The imams and their willingly obedient rioters should not be given the right to dictate to Canadian society.

Here's a suggestion for our beloved media: please spend the effort that you have devoted to distorting conservative attitudes towards immigration and gay rights, to publicising the truth about Muslim teachings about women and gay rights. Then the public can decide whose values they would prefer to have forced upon them.

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